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Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Sacred geometry tattoos are based on patterns that shape creation. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The origin of tattoos dates back to over five thousand years, when people marked their bodies with permanent tattoo designs as status symbols, religious signs, adornments and for many other reasons. The word tattoo is said to have derived from ‘ta’, the Polynesian word meaning ‘strike something’, and from ‘tatau’, the Tahitian word meaning ‘mark something’.

Tattoo practice

It is believed that tattooing originated in Egypt, where Pharaohs were marked with tattoos. In the Polynesian islands, people tattooed themselves heavily, and it even determined their status and commanded more respect from peers. Those who were not tattooed were neglected in the society. Traditionally, hand-made tools such as animal bones or tortoise-shell needles were dipped in ink and pressed on the flesh, rendering a painful procedure. The indelible ink was extracted from plants and flowers and diluted with water, and the procedure was painful, which might have led to scarification.

Sacred geometry patterns for tattooing

Sacred geometry comprises patterns made with a compass and a ruler, but forming designs that depict the interrelationship between archetypal shapes, which are actually considered to be an embodiment of creation and define reality. Tattoo art based on sacred geometry was significant in ancient societies, involving religious patterns that signified space and time as well. The famous shapes such as the Flower of Life, the Gordian Knot, Genesa Crystal and the nautilus shell have been used in various patterns.

Based on sacred geometry shapes, tattoos are believed to have spiritual meanings. Individual elements of such patterns interpret specific aspects of spirituality. For instance, circles are associated with relationships and community, while square motifs indicated stability. Celtic tradition emphasizes trinity, indicating three forms of its deities.

Symbolic meanings of sacred geometry tattoos

Sacred geometry symbols are endless, and different cultures and traditions have a myriad of interpretations associated with them. Humans mark themselves with these patterns as amulets, talismans and for protection. Some are believed to have magical qualities, while others symbolize wisdom as they are based on an in-depth analysis of mathematics and geometry. Sacred geometry is itself considered a holistic practice associated with energies and vibrations, and tattoos based on this art exude the same. These days, these matchless geometric designs are complemented by vivid colors, symbolizing much more of the ancient art.

Today, tattooing has developed in to an exquisite art and the importance of sacred geometry has also been rediscovered. Electric tattoo machines and guns have made their debut, and they use needles fixed in metal tubes to insert ink beneath the skin. The process has become faster and less painful as well.  Further, temporary tattoos like airbrush, henna and transfer tattoos form an alternative for people who cannot, or do not opt for permanent tattoos. Henna, though temporary has been handed down traditionally and is predominant in the East among women.

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